Appliqué Collection

Rouge d'or


Sunsets over terracotta rooftops. Ripe figs and tomato vines. Freckled shoulders. Sangria. Music in the distance, but where? Hold on to this moment with Rouge d'Or, a sun-warmed red that's as hot as you are.  

N A I L  F I N I S H 

• Full Gloss 


• 16 Appliqué Gels
• 2 Prep Pads & 1 Glass Nail File
• Instruction Manual

K E Y  F E A T U R E S

• Vegan, Cruelty-Free & 14 Toxin-Free
• Provides 2 Full Manicures
• Instant Application, No Drying Time
• Non-Damaging & Chip-Resistant 
• Removable with Warm Water 

M A X I M I Z E  Y O U R. G E L S

• Achieve 2 Full Manicures by Cutting Your Gels in Half
 Avoid Contact with Water for 1 Hour Following Application
• Always Apply Top Coat 
• Need a Refresh? Top Up Your Gels with a Quick File or Swipe of Top Coat as Needed


R E A D Y - TO - W E A R 

We're all about style & ease — Apply in minutes, remove in seconds. With our fashion house approach, Appliqué's vegan polish gels deliver flawless designer nail art in a mélange of inspired and trend-forward designs, with unique finishes. 

Your Newest Accessory Awaits.



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